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Future Calista

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The Boulevard

a very prestigious classic-modern concept house. what a wise choice to make a new happy story here.

The Serenia A

classic-modern concept house and more stylish with a simpler design. everyone deserves to stay here and make their own story, We will be happy to support that.

The Serenia B

More simple design than other, still elegant and prestigious for everyone. The story will created here with smile outside and happiness inside.

Cluster Boulevard

Cluster Serenia


Cluster Serenia

Tipe A


Cluster Boulevard

Boulevard is the main cluster of the royal calista, which consists of 46 units of house type with an area of 200 square meters

Cluster Serenia

Serenia is a cluster with a building area of 90 square meters, consisting of 40 housing units. which consists of two choices of facade concepts that are adjusted to the rows of houses and land area.

“It's Not Just a House, It's a Home.”

The Royal Calista


Create your new story at The Royal Calista, because you deserve to be happy here.


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